COVID-19 January Update: Re-opening Procedures



Guidelines for sanitizing and social dstancing at South Island Centre

Your counsellor will disinfect 
the room used for counselling 
before and after your 

There is hand sanitizer available 
in the waiting room and counselling

The debit and credit card (POS)
machine will be wiped down after every transaction

We will no longer accept cash 
or cheques. We accept 
debit/credit cards or e-transfer

All books, magazines, crayons, have been removed from the
waiting area and we will no longer offer complimentary water

Please be mindful of 
your belongings

You will only be allowed to 
enter the building if you 
have an appointment

Only 2 clients can be in the 
building by appointment only. 
No walk-ins will be

If you start to feel ill at South Island Centre:

-Wash or sanitize your hands, if you do not 
have a mask you will be provided with one 
from the first aid kit, you will be kept isolated until you are able to drive home. 
Once home, call 811 for further guidance.

If you feel ill at home, do not come intothe building for your appointment. We
also offer remotes services

Please remember to stay 2 
arms lengths (6 feet/2 meters)
away from your counsellor, 
staff members or other clients

Face coverings are now

required for all in-person


If you have travelled outside of 
Canada or have had contact 
with a confirmed Covid-19 case, 
you must self-isolate for 14 days