General Inquiries

What is South Island Centre?

Where are you located?

Is parking available for clients?

Why choose South Island Centre?

How much does it cost?

How do I pay my sessions?

Is South Island Centre right for me?

Am I allowed to choose my own therapist?

What do you consider when you are matching us with a therapist?

Do you offer any alternative to face-to-face therapy?

What kind of therapies do you offer?

How do phone sessions work?

How do video sessions work?

How is my privacy protected?

Once I submitted the intake form, how long does it take to process?

My therapist may not have been a good match. What should I do?

Subsidy Inquiries

How does the subsidy work?

Can everyone apply to the subsidy?

How do I know if I am elegible for the subsidy?

How long does the subsidy application take to process?

Can I use some thrid-party to cover part my fees?

What information do you require to verify my subsidy application?

To be part of South Island Centre

I am a licensed counsellor. How can I provide services at South Island Centre?

I am a graduate level student. How can I get a practicum experience at South Island Centre?

JaneApp Inquiries

What is JaneApp?

How does JaneApp work?

Registered Charity

South Island Centre is a Registered Canadian Charity


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