"I want to express my gratitude for the help & guidance I received from my counsellor at South Island Centre for Counselling.  I was thankful that through my employer, I had access to this service.   

I have seen my counsellor several times throughout the past few years, and I find South Island to be a safe place for me.  With her, I have been able to express and talk through my issues, concerns, worries, and fears. My counsellor has provided a safe place for me to be vulnerable and free from judgement.  


Knowing that South Island can offer counselling at affordable rates, I know I can continue to see my counsellor and not worry that I can not afford to keep my mental health a priority."

"The South Island Centre has helped my husband and I navigate through some traumatic life challenges and has given us the chance to learn how to support each other better. This life changing opportunity would not have been financially attainable for us without the sliding scale option, which we are eternally grateful for. Thank you for providing an accessible, safe place for families who need it most.” 

"During a time of great stress and uncertainty, I was amazed to find an affordable, compassionate, and wise counsellor in the form of Audrey from South Island Centre for Counselling & Training. 


It’s certainly true that an impartial, comforting and clever person to discuss private and painful issues with is a beacon in a storm. 


The centre offers privacy, affordability and most importantly - guidance. I would recommend them in a New York minute. 


Many thanks to the folks who run this wonderful centre."

"Throughout my life I have seen multiple professionals including psychiatrists, counsellors, and therapists. Of the encounters I have had, rarely have I ever I am very grateful to have met my counsellor; she has been an absolute blessing when it has and continues to come to the various issues that I face within my life. My counsellor is, without a doubt, an absolute asset to the team and to the South Island Centre as whole."

"I have received counselling services from South Island for over a year for both myself and my teenage son. We have been very happy with the whole process and it has benefited us greatly! This is an important organization. Because it offers affordable, accessible, quality counselling and this is vital to a healthy community and world! Counselling should never be too expensive or inaccessible to people who need it! Thank you so much for your help!"

"I have been in the care of my counsellor since June 2019 when the South Island Centre offered me immediate counselling support during a distressing emotional emergency in my family  - one that had not been addressed by general medicine.  Having the Centre's help in fall-back advice/education and emotional support over the past year has been an exceptional experience for me when dealing with my often traumatic home environment.  I am very grateful to the Centre and its supporting agencies."

"I am so very Blessed to have learned about South Island Counselling from a friend who had received tremendous help. I too, have received a great service of compassionate and expert guidance in realizing a much better state of mental health. The sliding scale financial assistance made this possible. I am so grateful for this!"